Buerkle Acura:

My car goes to Buerkle Acura a couple times a year. I get all the scheduled maintenance done there, and have had them install a number of the mods. Before I went to my first track event, I had them go over the car and check all the suspension, brake system, wheel bearings, etc. as a "tech" check. I have them do a number of things I should do myself, like break pads and fluid changing, but it's even nicer to have them for the clutch and trany updates! Sure I've spent a pile of money with them, but that's their job–to make sure my car is perfect.

Fritz at the computer, cutting me a deal!

Like anyone you have work on your car, you need to make sure of their level of expertise and clearly define their responsibilities. We have had a couple "communication" errors, but nothing serious. (Except for them breaking my hood, which they paid to have fixed so we're OK now.) When I come in, Fritz or Jeff are there to greet me and make sure we all know what is going to be done (and to make sure I give them the keys to the car! I left with them last time...)

Windell is my personal driver.

When I bring my car in, they either give me a ride back to my place (around 10 miles away) or give me a car. If I can't make it to them to get my car, they'll come pick me up. Many times I pick up the car and it will be freshly washed. Nice touch. I highly recommend them as a dealer and service source.