This site is intended to fill you in on what I've been through, both good and bad, while upgrading my NSX, known as "The Red Car." The intent of the upgrades was to make the car more track ready and improve the power and performance for street applications. After a number of track events, I'd have to say I hit a home run as the car works very well.

I'm Ed Klemz from Minneapolis, MN. Please eMail me with any comments or questions.

I had to do a bunch of research, a few wrong turns and a lot of knuckle bleeding before I ended up with the car I've always wanted. I've had some wonderful experiences and met a number of exceptional people along the way. There are always a few upgrades in the works, and a few unfinished tweeks, but overall it's never been better!

Now let me tell you that the environment here in Minneapolis is one of competition. My family is made up of 6 boys of which I'm the youngest, and 5 of us are addicted to cars. I sold a 500+hp 1969 Camaro that was set up for drag racing and was a low 11's car, to buy the NSX. It's a completely different kind of fast (quieter, better gas mileage and I can take corners at something over 5mph). In the family there's a '29 Model A with a 383 Stroker motor in it, a mint 383 '69 Road Runner, a '67 Fairlane complete with 514ci large block and a fiberglass '57 T-Bird ProStreet car in the works. Let's just say that little foreign cars get quite the ribbing in this family. So what they do with shear size I need to do with technology. Don't get me wrong–adding N2O and all the rest of the go fast parts was done for me, not for them. That said, you can't have enough horsepower for those occasions when the family gets together, if you know what I mean.

Unlike a lot of "super car" owners, I drive my car all the time. I've put over 70k on it in 10 years and considering we only have a 7-8 month driving season up here, that's not bad. It gets driven in the rain, at the track and raced as often as possible. I spend a lot of time over 100mph.

The NSX is the best car I've ever owned. It does everything perfectly, and makes me happy. It makes other people happy as well. I can't count the number of times I've been asked about the car, and as Car Craft showed me, it draws LOTS of attention. It was crazy.

Though I try get the most out of my driving experience, I treat this car (and all my cars) with extreme care, so if you ever have to buy #1182 used you can rest assured that it's in perfect condition.


Most if not all of the graphics on this site are pretty big. That means if you have a skimpy 56k dialup connection you'll be waiting for a long time to see the goods. To put this in layman's terms, if you have a slow car, go get a fast one. Think cable modem. Think DSL. Think now.

Also, set your browser font size preference to 12 point.

I have always believed in the right tool for the job; Acura NSXs, Craftsman tools, Desert Eagle handguns, Ferragamo shoes, Lexicon sound gear and Macintosh computers. Substandard tools give substandard results, so always get the best.

"The Red Car" in street trim.