I just updated the Pics page with the latest Cars and Café event and the Carcraft Summer Nationals 2011 - check it out.

Here's a nice shot someone took of my car at this year's Car Craft - good desktop (for me at least!):

Here are a couple shots taken by others at our MN Cars & Cafe events hosted at Auto Motorplex:

The helmet, the car:

I still owe update pages on the following mods; NSX-R Chassis Bars, Compliance Clamps, HKS Struts, new front O2 sensor and CF Side Scoops, all installed. CF Canard Wings, Short Shift Block, CF Rear Deck Spoiler, Front Tow Hook all going on this week. I've got stories to tell about my coolant tank replacement - not so good. My Bridgstone S-03s are down to a nub, so I'll likely be getting these to replace them with.


I was sick and tired of the chunky, low res, bad quality NSX logo art available on the web, so I made my own. I present it to you all from the goodness of my heart. Download it here (1.2MB ZIPed for Mac and PC alike) in Adobe Illustrator CS, EPS and PDF formats. If you can't open any of those file types, sell your computer and get an abacus. The above JPG can be used as well, just drag it to your desktop!

We'll miss you, buddy
Jerome A. Zimmermann

Stay tuned, as the changes come when you least expect them!