RM Stainless Oval Tip Exhaust:

Fabulous sound, excellent mod, $1,299. I've had many people tell me how good they sound, including one Wisconsin Highway Patrol woman (person?) who pulled my business partner and I over on I-90 around 4:30am while we were heading to Chicago. We weren't speeding (at that particular moment) so she claimed the exhaust was too loud. I think she just wanted to racial profile us, because as soon as she looked in and saw our faces, she lightened up and chit chatted with us for a while.

Dealer Installed. There's a little mystery I have yet to solve with the mounting points of the exhaust-it doesn't seem to fit in the car exactly square. The driver side tip actually sticks out past the bumper, where the passenger side tip is flush with the bumper. Everything seems straight, but something is askew. Next time I have it in to the dealer I'm having this squared away, literally.