RM Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake:

Fun install and great results. Better car sound, performance and lighter weight. Since I had purchased the basic RM intake 4 years ago, and recently added the cold air option and nitrous, I had to do a little drilling, trimming, etc. to put it all together. I called RM and Donavan walked me through the mods. Easy. The instructions say to service the filter more often because it pulls in more air. It does, so do.

Also, I had the occasion to drive in a torrential downpour a while back. I hit a "puddle" about 20' across, and the car stumbled twice. I guess I sucked up a little water from that super deluxe side intake. I'm thinking of adding one of those low pressure diverters to the intake tube to protect against that. I don't need to turn my car into a 6 cylinder water pump.