RM Clutch:

I'm on my 2nd RM clutch. The first was put in a few weeks after I bought the car in 1997. It was never quite right as it was installed incorrectly. Apparently there was an instruction sheet that got lost along the way that covered moving the clutch cable point and the initialization. Anyway, I had a fresh one installed in March. There were some clutch initialization problems that were finally fixed by RM over the phone, I love those guys! Apparently the initialization needs to be done 3 times with driving in between to be "right." Now its mint as they followed RM's instructions this time. Sometimes I wonder if the dealer mechanics are always thinking of the BEST way to do a job and not the QUICKEST, if you know what I mean.

After the cable position was moved, the pedal pressure is actually LESS than stock! This makes it a simple joy to drive, even in rush hour, and the thing locks up perfectly.