Dali Street Sway Bars:

Fun but longish (4+hrs) install, with fabulous results. Since I was under the car, I cleaned and primped everything I could reach, and double checked everything. The instructions that come with this kit are perfect. Follow them and you'll do fine. I left mine at the "suggested" settings, adjustable by moving the mounting hole location on the bar end. Buy the Ace or Craftsman 17mm Gear Wrench, as doing this job without it would suck.

On the track, the car was far more controlable and easier to tell when I was getting near the "edge". Body roll is really reduced. I can't imagine how the "race" bars act, which are around 1 million times stiffer than stock.

As an aside, the more I work on this car, the more I appreciate the engineering that went into designing and building it. All the systems of the NSX are just "right." With the few tweaks that I've added, it is a better car, but boy did Acura come close with rev one back in '91. Hats off to the little guys with the sharp pencils!

It's interesting to note that when Acura made a "special" NSX (the Zanardi) they lowered it a little and stiffened the sway bars. Dali has the stuff to get you most of the way there, so buy it all!