Dali Valentine 1 Mount:

Run, don't walk to Valentine1.com and buy one of these today!

This little beauty has saved me countless thousands in fines, insurance fees and lost income due to jail time. You know my "right tool for the job" saying? It applies here - this is it. I've had one for years, and recently used the V1 upgrade program to get the latest and greatest tool to protect myself from the dangers of the road.

I like the look of the Dali posts better than the factory center doo-hicky I never used!

The kit from Dali comes in a pretty bubble wrap in 2 parts; the little black billet post mounts and the cool leather mounting block. You'll have to go get the installation instructions off the Dali web site but that's the SOP with Mark Johnson and I'm use to it. Take the two screws out and remove the center visor (above), install the black post mounts with the screws you just took out, and you have the above.

The kit as installed in the Red Car

Now for the fun part! I had to go find my now 4 year old Valentine one box that contained the visor clip mount (required for this installation) and the wired power supply, as I've been using the old lighter plug model. A couple hours of searching later, the goods are in my hand. I used the included template to poke the holes for the two screws that hold it in place. I pre-drilled the holes making sure to not go deep and poke a hole in the roof, which would be bad.

I routed the power cable around the passenger side of the window A-pillar, around the side of the dash and behind the glove box, where I tapped into the 12vdc for the cruise control. The cruise needs to be on for the V1 to work, but it gives me an on/off switch for the radar detector which isn't standard. I also picked up the Concealed Display unit ($39) and have it sitting in the coin tray on the console. When I come up with a permanent location for it, I'll show you.