NSX/R 4.235 Ring & Pinion:

OK, so I asked Mark Johnson at Dali what other stuff to do if I'm adding the FeatherLite Flywheel and he mentions the ring & pinion, since the dealer will have the car all apart anyway. A couple bucks later it's in the car, and man is it cool. 2nd gear used to go to 81mph, now it's 78 but I get there way faster, so top end has been sacrificed for faster acceleration. That's ok, as I've only had the car to 165 once, but 150 plenty of times. Keeping in the VTEC zone at the track was much easier as well. Highly recommended mod.

What about short gears for the 5-speed? I'm probably not going to do it unless I break the trany and need to replace it. It works great right now.