Track Rims and Tires:

These are the factory 1991 5-spoke rims, painted dark gray metallic mounted with Khumo Victoracer V700 tires.

The rims were pretty beat up when I got the car so I had Alloy Wheel Service blast them and paint them. When I went to pick them up-they were colbalt blue! (Look in the bolt holes) Well, let's just say I wasn't quite ready for blue wheels on a red NSX quite yet, so I asked if they could do them RIGHT. Rev 2 turned out mint.

The tires were purchased from TireRack, and I had them heat cycle them for me so I could use them right away. The ones shown have 65+ hard laps on them and still have plenty of life left (note the wear marks). A bunch of the veteran Porsche racers were running these tires as well.

Newsflash! 6-14-02

I'm trying something new!

After talking with the guys at TireRack, I'm going to try out these bad boys. They are supposed to grip like slicks and give about twice the life of the Kumho's. A little more expensive, but if they work, I'm not really looking to save money on tires.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, YR Speed Rated
Front: 205/50-15 $199 ea.
Rear: 225/50-16 $207 ea.
Plus $15 ea. for heat cycling.

I'll start with cold temps of 31# front, 33# rear. More to come after I use them!