Fittipaldi Interlagos Rims, Bridgestone Tires:

These rims came with the car (when I bought it used) and look great! They are the same size as the stock '91 5-spokers. The fronts require a 2mm spacer for brake caliper clearance. I had my painter friend John Parks paint the Fittipaldi lettering in the centercaps red.

The Bridgestone S02 Pole Position street tires are the best I have ever used, and I've tried them all over the years. My 1993 AWD Eagle Talon (around 400hp) uses the same 225/50ZR16s all the way around as the NSX uses on the rear, and I've been through every brand out there on that car. The problem is that they don't make an S02 in 15" size for the front, so I went with a RE010. Not a good combo as the car will push. I'll fix that when I wear the fronts off, which should be in about 8k miles. Until then, we drift the corners.

I'll be trying a set of S03 PPs in the spring and post my thoughts on them here.