Mugen Blinker Lens Covers:

Easy install, looks great and adds a lot of visual impact to the car. I chose to not drill and screw the mounts into the blinker pocket edges, so in comes the high strength 3M double stick tape to the rescue! I had the body shop paint the mounts red, and 15 minutes later they were on and looking good. Even though the lexan covers are shaped 95% correctly and have a gasket, you should remove them to wash the car because water WILL get behind them. The come off pretty easy.

I didn't remove or cover them when I went to the track. Big mistake. My once crystal clear lenses are now pitted and gouged to hell from the chunks of rubber and road crap coming at me at 150mph. I tried buffing them with my rouge wheel but all I did was scratch them more. Nice. I'm going to bring them to a professional polisher and see if they can fix them, otherwise I'll be getting another set for $350 from King Motorsports.


Joe over at Deter's Polishing in Fridley, MN got all the scratches and pits out of the lense covers and they look good as new! $50 is a small price to pay, compared to $350. I'm so happy!