Dali Fire Extinguisher Mount:

Its installed! The genuine Dali Aluminum FE mount for $50!

After having my own home-made mount for a couple years, I thought I'd go deluxe and do it right. The mount drops in easy by removing the front two seat bracket bolts and bolting it in place. I took out the floor mat as well, as when you run at the track you don't have them in anyway. I normally run with the FE only when I'm at the track, but after seeing two road side car fires this Spring, I'm keeping it in the car, just in case.

I needed a new extinguisher as well, so off to H3R, Inc. for thier 2.5 lb. Halon unit in NSX red for $124.85 shipped. You can also get them in polished chrome for an extra $25 charge.

This mount is made to go in front of seats on slide rails so you can still move it forward. Since my seat mounts are bolted right to the floor pan I don't need so much extra length on the FE mount. When I have a minute I'll lop off the ends, re-bend and drill them and tuck the bottle a little closer to the seat and my reach.