Wire Mesh Side Scoop Air Intake:

Fun to install and great looking mod. After looking in the service manual, I removed the rear wheel liners, reached WAY into the fender and found the two "special nuts" that hold the air intakes in place. Well, there were two on the passenger side. The driver side only had one, and after I dropped one while trying to put it back on the passenger side, it now has one as well. Somewhere in my fenders are two special nuts.

I bought some rolled wire mesh used for covering rain gutters at Home Depot. It's made of aluminum and is very light. After removing the louvers from each duct, I wrapped a piece of mesh over the hole, moulded it around the edges with my hands, and put the push clips back on the 4 studs used to mount the louvers. I was all ready to hot glue the mesh in place, but it fit so well I didn't have to.

Do this mod. It looks mint. While I had the wheel liner off, I removed all the factory air ducting and resonance tube and installed the RM cold air intake right to the drivers air duct. Excellent sound and performance.