NSX Mods by the Dozen!

Is it possible to ever be "done" with a car? No! I've got a few things still on my list of goodies to get, thus the Future Mods page is always busy!

Rear Beam and Toe Links Struts & Springs Neck Collar
Tow Hook High Capicity Oil Pump & Gear High Capicity Oil Pan
Harness Bar & 5-Point Harness 2002 Rear Body Update NSX-R Rear Spoiler
Tie Down Points
Side Vents Rear Tow Hook Throttle Body
Manifold Cover Coolant Tank Door Sill Trim
Test Pipes Grounding System Canards
Rear Strut Bar JDM Short Gears Silicon Hoses
Oil Filter Magnet Canton Oil Filter Canton Accusump
Oil Thermostat Cantrell Air Intake NSX-R Chassis Bars
HANS Device Valve Covers Front Non-Compliance Clamp
Short Shift Block

SOS Rapid Non-Compliance Rear Beam and Toe Links $752.64 shipped, You know that grape vine? It tells me that since I'm thinking of doing struts and springs I may as well do the whole deal and put in these babies to keep the car where its supposed to be in the corners.

Archer Racing HKS HyperMax2 Coil Overs $1950, Here's a good option for my saggy old stock struts. Ride height, firmness and corner balance capable. Perfect for use with my Dali Street Sway Bars.

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

OGRacing Sparco Anatomic Nomex Neck Collar $79, After doing some time on the high banked oval at Texas Motor Speedway I can see that it may be in my best interests to kick up the safety level a notch. Here's an easy way to start.

Dali Racing Front Tow Hook $35. I hope I never need this, but the more you drive the more chances are you'll end your day upside down in a ditch on fire – so its always good to plan ahead! I had my brother tow my car for 1/2 mile using the factory tow hook and its tough to keep a standard chain on it without damaging the front lip. This one should do the trick.

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

Dali Racing Billet Oil Pump Gears, $289. So if you have more oil, you should spread it around a little better, right? A set of these should do the trick. The problem is the $800+ installation labor!

Hell, I may as well just get the High Volume Oil Pump with the billet gears built in for $975 from Comptech as the install takes the same amount of time. They may not make these any more...

Science of Speed ARC Baffled High Capacity Pan, $792. What's better than a little oil? More oil of course! The extra gauge sender fittings would be helpful as well.

Or the Dali Racing welded version with screen for $500

Since Science of Speed let me down and no longer imports the Ritmo Harness Bar, $295, I'll just have to have C&F Race Cars make me one! The 2" 4-point Momo harnesses I have now may look nice, but I have the feeling that if I took a good off road trip or a high speed slam into a wall I may wish I had something better. So to start with, mounting the shoulder straps up high is in order:

Then get a set of G-Force 5-point 3" harnesses $110/pair from OG Racing and call it a day. Safety first!

*** Harnesses INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

Well I've figured out a portion of the body updates I'm going to do. The "2002" update to the rear of car is a great start, and will take care of the slight leak I have in the driver side lamp assembly (it only shows up when I pressure wash the car). Total jingle is $1660.81 before paint, which is pretty reasonable if you ask me. I can also get the 2002 Rear Mini-Me Spoiler from Dali for $125, which is less than $366.47 last time I checked.

*** Carbon Glass Mini Spoiler INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

Add to the above the new Dali Racing NSX-R Style Rear Spoiler, $1600, Now we are getting somewhere! This is a direct copy of the Honda part (around $6k) adds a little better down force and looks mint.

OG Racing Tie Down Points $9.95, Installing the NSX-R chassis bars removes the front tie downs, and the rear ones are way too heavy. These Porsche parts will work perfectly!

*** Here But Not Installed Yet ***

Dali Racing Carbon Glass Side Vents $250. Though I have done the screen mod on my side intakes, these are light!

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

AutoMetrics Rear Tow Hook, I think this design can be applied to the NSX, and allow a hook that comes out underneath the exhaust and rear valance. Research and fabrication to come.

King Motorsports Big Throttle Body $200. This is from the King website, "The KMS Big Bore Throttle Body is the perfect addition for those who want more intake capacity when using big camshafts, radical headwork and more compression. We enlarge your throttle body by 4mm. A new throttle plate is installed and the throttle body bore is tapered, enlarged and polished to fit. Each throttle body is bead blasted for perfect appearance and the TPS sensor is reset for optimum performance."

SOS Back Yard Special Intake Manifold Cover $237.60 & Cover Plate $178.20. For the look alone, I like these.

Or maybe the one from the 2002 NSX-R

SOS Coolant Tank $189. My tank is starting to get a little yellow from sun (and not having an engine cover) and is starting to show little cracks - so this is right up my alley.

*** Here But Not Installed Yet ***

SOS Back Yard Special Carbon Door Trim $365. Cool, light and functional!

Dali Racing Cat Test Pipes, $150. More flow = more go. Lighter than factory cats as well.

eAutoWorks Hyper Grounding System, $155. Now this might look like "snake oil" but two very trusted auto pals have done this and it actually works! I guess you can't be too rich, too tan or too grounded.

Dali Racing Carbon Glass Canards, $120, adding the wing ups the rear downforce, and sure as snot I'll start to push. These give a little help to the front.

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

Dali Racing Rear Strut Bar, $525, If there is any benefit in having a rigid chassis, then this part won't hurt. My gauges will mount to this nicely.

SOS Honda JDM 5-speed Short Gearset $856.22. I'm running the stock US 5-speed gears with the 4.235 ring and pinion now, but the 0-100 mph times with the short gears are 3/10ths faster than what I'm running now. Can you think of a better way to pick up three tenths?

Dali Racing Silicon Coolant Hoses, $285. I blew one upper radiator hose last fall, and there's 5 more just like it still in use. These will help keep me on the road and out of my brothers driveway.

*** Delivered but not installed ***

Magnaforce Oil Filter Magnet $26.50. This looks like a really good idea, and it's cheap enough to try out!

Canton Racing Oil Filter $102.50 + $13.75 per Filter Element. Let's just get the best oil filter obtainable, shall we? Go read the specs on these bad boys! I need the CM25-420 to replace the Fram PH8A I use now.

Canton Racing Accusump $175.50. Apparently, this is THE technology to have if you intend to work your car/motor hard at the track. Pre-oiler and surge control so there's ALWAYS oil floating around on those pesky bearings, rods and lifters. I'll have to shell out a little extra for mounting brackets, valve, #12 AN lines and fittings, etc. This will go nicely in the trunk.

Racer Parts Wholesale Mocal MOC12AN 180F Oil Thermostat $89.99. This looks like the answer to my oil cooler working "too well" problem. Toss one of these bad boys in and forget about it!

SOS Cantrell Concepts Air Induction System $295. Even though I have the RM cold air intake setup, this is an actual "ram air" system that looks to be far more effective - but what the hell do I know?

SOS NSX-R Front Chassis Bars, $183.95. Any time you add stiffness, its a good thing - except in your knees. These stiffen the front of the frame rails and keep the front end from moving around under load.

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

HANS Head And Neck Support, $865. I recently watched a show that analyzed the physics of race car crashes. It's amazing how quickly your helmet can snap your neck in an accident, so maybe we should look at a little more safety gear.

SOS Powder Coated Valve Covers, $340. Here we go! I've been waiting for someone to offer this service. Nothing looks cooler than the red valve covers of the newer 3.2 cars - now us 3.0 guys can have it too!

SOS Front Non-Compliance Clamp, $165. Heavy breaking and the front suspension cause unwanted flexing, which I hear is bad. Easy to fix, easy to wear.

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***

Dali Racing Short Shift Block, $60. I'm 6'4", and the ergonomics of the NSX are a little tight for my shifting arm, so I think this will help so I don't have to move around so much.

*** INSTALLED! Details to come! ***