RM Racing Front Chin Spoiler:

This little beauty was on my list of Future Mods but is now on the car. A poultry $168 + shipping gets this very high quality front spoiler sitting on your steps when you get home. The box was a little crushed, but the product is wrapped well and came out fine. It seems much stronger then the stock one, and doesn't seem to be any heavier.

Fresh out of the box and waiting for installation.

The removal of the old scraped and beaten spoiler took about 15 minutes with a handy 10mm socket and a short extension on the 3/8 drive. Make sure your clips don't move around on you after you remove each bolt. I started with the center bolt and each end bolt to hold the thing up, then inserted the rest of the bolts loose so I could "adjust" the position of the spoiler, then tightened them all down. It's almost perfect the way it conforms to the shape of the nose – almost. I should do a little fitting of the mounting holes to get it to sit exactly perfect, but it looks great the way it is.

The new chin spoiler installed and looking great!

After driving with it for a few days, I love it. The look is mint, its not too low so it hangs on everything and will handle 150 mph without coming off. Great mod for the looks alone.

NEWS FLASH: October 11, 2001. Sure, just go over to the client and drop off some stuff. I head into their lot and there's been some road work done that left the road surface about an inch shorter than normal but the drive up curb was still the same height. I notice this just as I hear the "crunch" noise and a neat scraping sound coming from the front of my car. I pull in, take a look to see a nice fold and tear in the plastic and a piece missing from the front edge. Great. Before I leave the lot I call Bob at RM Racing and order another one. He's not at his desk so I leave a very clear message that I want the thing shipped in so it arrives by Monday the 15th. I leave my cell number, so they call my office number. Because they couldn't get a hold of me to ask if I wanted it overnight, they didn't ship it at all, so I call Friday to ask if it shipped out via 2 day UPS and was asked if I wanted it overnight for $98.75 shipping. I asked why it didn't ship yesterday for something less than that, and was met with silence. They did give me a NSXCA discount on it, which saved me $16.80, but they should have done that on the first one as well.

Expensive miskake. My front spoiler now is nearly $500 worth of plastic. I'm sure glad I like it!

YET MORE NEWS: The first track event of 2002 was at Brainerd Intl Raceway on April 20. It was cold, around 45 degrees, and we were the first cars on the track this year. It felt pretty good, so after a warmup session of around 15 laps on the 3 miles course, I went out with some Viper guys and few Porsches to get serious. After 5 really smooth, fast laps I went into turn 4, a sharp left-hander, turned in and the front wheels pushed HUGE! I put a little brake on (without lifting of course) to transfer a little weight to the front when it decided to grab and around I went-right into the sand run off. I was told it looked pretty impressive, with a 30' plume of sand shooting up in the air! It was my first time off of a track, so I felt I should make the most of it. No damage to the car asside from, you guessed it, the front air dam. Nice.

After removing the broken piece and cleaning the sand out of every nook and crany of the suspension and brakes, I took in out for a few slow shake down laps. It felt good, so I came of turn 10, hit the nitrous and headed for turn 1. Around 140 I noticed the front lift a little and steering became a little "floaty". This is not good heading into a turn at that speed. I used every inch of a WIDE corner coming though turn 1 and learned that an NSX without a front spolier is NOT something you want to drive at high speed. Wow was that exciting!

A quick trip off turn 4 into the sand and it's time for yet ANOTHER RM Spoiler!