Zanardi Floor Mats:

So knowing that I am Mr. Color Coordinated, isn't it obvious that I would eventually put the ultra-fashionable high-speed Zanardi black & red mats in The Red Car? Of course it is! A quick call to A&H Motorsports and $87.20 later gets them heading your way.

Fresh out of the box and waiting for installation.

Installing these was a breeze. They come with a little hook for the drivers side Mat to keep it from sliding under your pedals. So how did those little Japanese designers know to put the slits in the carpet and the mounting point for the mat hook in my near 11 year old car? Those guys must have your size large crystal balls.

Zanardi Floor Mat, Non-Zanardi NSX.

They look great and really go well with the seats! My car is faster now! Helpful tip-vacuum the hell out them before installation to avoid a bad case of the "fuzzies."