Volk Racing CE28N Wheels:

$2012, with center caps, lug nuts and valve stems, rings and shipping, available from Dali. OK, so I've been looking at wheel options for months and have decided on the CE28's in bronze at 17x7.5 front and 18x9.5 rear. The suggested tire sizes are 215/40 or 225/35 front and 275/35 or 285/30 rear.

These are by far the best looking rims I've seen for the car. I was looking at the Tecno's, and when Mark suggested these in silver I thought he was on injectable drugs. Then I saw a set in bronze on a Supra in some import mag and that was it!

You want accessories? We got 'em all!

Cool! These wheels come with their own condoms!

Front wheel and tire set by the factory wheel for comparison.

Once again I go to the Tire Rack for the goods.

Front: 215/40-17 $164 ea.
Rear: 275/35-18 $220 ea.

I started with cold temps of 35# front, 40# rear and it seems to be pretty good. After driving in the rain and dry, these tires feel great and I highly recommend them.

At the track, these were a little squirmy until I wore them down a bit, and should be shaved for serious use. They were predictable and stuck well in the corners. I like the feel of wider tires!

I had the tires mounted and balanced at Norm's Tire Sales in Little Canada, MN. These guys were without a doubt the best crew of tire jockeys I've run across yet. They have all the right machines and take care to not ding, scratch or otherwise harm my precious wheels - I can do that all by myself.

Note the "outside" wheel grabbers on the mounting machine. Gone are the days of little teeth marks on the inside of my wheels.
Tape weights on the inside front and outer back. I used a gold metallic paint pen to color the lead weights to a near perfect match of the wheels. You don't even notice them!
So this Joe character kept talking the whole time he worked on my wheels about his love life, money problems, being homeless and his short stint in the Puerto Rican Mafia.

Aside from that, he did an A+ job and I'll be bringing all of my tires to them from now on.

I love the way these look!