Hague SM1 Video Camera Suction Mount

$125 for a Hague SM1 Camcorder Suction Mount. This is the neatest thing since sliced bread, can be used anywhere on the car and adjusts for all uses, unlike those "mount to the roll bar" units. Hague makes very high quality products and is worth shipping from the UK to get it here.

I've been fighting with wind noise from the camera's internal stereo mic, so I just picked up a cheapy Radio Shack desktop stand mic, foam wind noise reducer and stereo/mono adapter for about $20. The cable you see above runs out the drivers door and into the engine bay where I have the little plastic mike stand bolted to one of the engine cover mounting holes. I did a test drive earlier today and all you hear at speed is the sweet, sweet sound of NSX power! The next video from the track should be awesome.

I'm also in the process of making an aluminum camera mount that bolts to the existing front license plate mounting points, as well as the HotLap sensor. More to come...