AeroRotor Front & Dali Rear Brake Rotors:

Do you want to know all about brake tech? Look here.

$625 for a pair of StopTech AeroRotors, pair of Bradi slotted & plated rear rotors, and a set of rear Axxis Ultimate pads, all from Dali Racing. I had a spare set of Dali Street/Track metallic pads ($100) in the garage so I didn't have to buy them again. I'm going to have the brake system flushed with fresh SRF, ABS flushed with fresh Honda fluid and the new rotors and pads installed at the dealer.

The dealer installed them and played the purge game on both brake systems for $484. This included cleaning the rust inhibitor from the StopTechs and removing the plating from the surface of the rears with a wire wheel. They did a great job! I suggest deplating the surfaces of the rears so you can go right out and do the break in procedure. If you don't you need to drive around for a while and wear off the plating with the rear pads. Doing so is OK, but you run the risk of having the cad plating embed itself in the pads.

The break in procedure (as defined in the StopTech PDF link at the top of this page) was easy. I have a hiway close to my home that is 65 mph, so in the afternoon I went out and did my series of ten 60 to 5 and two 80-5 brakes. Yup, they got hot! Smoke was billowing off the fronts after the first cycle. The second cycle wasn't nearly as smokey. I let them cool 6 hours between cycles.

They feel great on the street, and I'll be track testing them on Tuesday the 2nd.