Jaz Coolant Overflow Bottle

After a little coolant overflow incident at the track, I thought I'd nip that issue directly in the bud. I talked to my bro Herb about the overflow he has in his newly built '69 Fairlane and after taking a look at his, I think this is the best choice. I went to Good Vibrations Motorsports and picked up a basic black overflow for $15.95 + $6.30 shipping for a vented bottle with drain (that little red lever you see). Now that's cheap.

I looked in the "cabinet of many things" and found a right angle bracket, a 1/2" long 1/4-20 bolt and a lock washer.

Now where do you mount this little rascal? A quick look into the engine compartment answered that question.

The all too convenient opening between the fuse block and the intake is just made for this, and it fits like a glove. First, we need to take off the existing overflow tube from the coolant reservoir.

Don't throw the coolant tube away, attach it to the bottom of the Jaz bottle and snap in the little hose clamp. Add a 1' 6" length of 1/4 rubber hose. I used fuel line but any automotive tubing will do the trick.

Next, remove the rear mounting bolt from the coolant tank, set the Jaz bottle in place and crank it down. It is completely suspended in the space, very rigid and almost looks like its supposed to be there. Last, connect up the new 1/4" line to the coolant tank overflow and its done. I can now dump a quart of fluid into the tank before it starts making a mess and causing me to lose control of my car.

Another side benefit from this is it directs any coolant overflow away from the stock dump area, which is right over the cross member. At the track, this neat little feature drained the overflowed coolant right in front of my driver's side tire and made for some interesting car control training. If you take your car to the track, add a bottle of Red Line WaterWetter and do this mod.