EXP4 Gas and Oil Additives

After using these products over this years track season, I can say that they do exactly what they profess; reduce friction, lower oil temps, extend gas mileage and make more power. Their formula actually removes cold start engine wear by coating all metal surfaces. How much do I believe in their products? I run them in all my cars. If you'd like to know all the details, click on the images below!

Pour It In. Watch It Hum.

Any of you that have attended the last two NSXPOs have been given, by the kind people at Advanced Fluid Solutions, a bottle each of their EXP4 Gas and Oil Additives, who sponsored both events. I had initially used the products after speaking with Mark Rossow from Advanced Fluid Solutions at NSXPO 2002 in TX. Talk around the table had asked "Is this just another bottle of snake oil?", so I decided to get the real story from Mark. This isn't another "me too" friction reducer product, but a unique system formulated specifically to enhance your motor and transmissions performance and reliability.

From cleaning of combustion deposits, lubrication of cylinder components giving higher MPG and reduced emissions, to the added power and oil enhancing benefits, the Gas/Petrol N&I product is essential equipment. The Oil Enhancer reduces friction, extends equipment life and eliminates engine startup wear.

Kip from Dallas did a "before and after" dyno test at NSteXpo 2003 and saw a 10 HP gain at the wheels! Now that's what I'm talking about!

As for my own testing, in back to back track tests I noticed engine revs coming up faster out of corners, and 7-8 MPH faster on the straight at BIR, so that means more horsepower. Also, running the car hard (on nitrous and 6000+ RPM) had shown my oil getting to upwards of 290 degrees F. On EXP4, it levels off at 260 and stays there. Read more about my track experiences with it here.

My 2000+ mile trip home from CA showed 32 MPG average. Coming home 1100 miles from TX last year BEFORE I used the products I was getting 28. An additional 4 MPG is a 14% increase in mileage. With the cost of fuel today, this reason alone makes using EXP4 an easy choice.

There are no down sides to the products that I can find, as they literally pay for themselves AND extend the life of your motor.

The EXP4 product line is most advanced additive technology on the market today!

EXP4 Gas N&I increases power & mileage in one tank, improves fuel efficiency of the oil by lubricating top down, reduces engine friction and exhaust emissions, and provides total average fuel system clean-up. EXP4 Oil reduces friction, lowers operating temperature in the crankcase, eliminates sludge problems, eliminates dry start up and extends oil life. EXP4 Diesel improves power and mileage, reduces emissions, eliminates cold starts and fuel system freeze, cleans, protects and lubricates injectors and fuel system. EXP4 ATF increase fluid life, reduces operating temperatures, reduces sludge and varnish prevents chatter and shutter and is formulated for cold weather lubrication.

The gas additive is $11.54 a bottle (by the case) and needs to be used at each oil change.

The oil additive is $11.46 a bottle (by the case) and is used one bottle per oil change.

A "Performance Pack" of one each of the oil and gas additives is $29.95 if you want to give the product your own test.

Today I only have one sticker on my car - NSXCA. I may add the EXP4 sticker soon...

Order yours today, and tell them that "Ed from NSXBuilder sent you." I want to hear from everyone about their success!

So join with me and the crew at DAL Motorsports NSX Team in the use of EXP4 additives for your ATF, oil, diesel and gas. This product really works and is highly recommended. Speaking of DAL, look here for some VIR pics!

EXP4 Sponsored Grand Am Cup Team - DAL Motorsports Acura NSX