2002 Acura Emblem:

I've been thinking about a number of exterior mods (see Future Mods) and this was the easiest to start with. The stock '91 gray filled front logo doesn't look anywhere as cool as the 2002 and newer model. I was talking with Scott Edwards from Acura of Escondido (good buddy of Mark Johnson) and he got me the new emblem for $13 + shipping (Acura Part #75700-SLO-A51). That was the easy part. Removing my old logo was interesting, as it was not only pinned in place and double side taped - but also hot glued! The nose had been repainted and apparently the body shop didn't want it to fall off. I was sure I was going to destroy the nose of the car removing it.

The adhesive and glue used left a couple little "artifacts" in the paint, and there's a couple scratches in/around it, but coming up in the rear view of the car ahead of you at 150mph it'll look great!