RC Engineering Injector Clean & Calibrate:

The guys at RC Engineering will go through your injectors, test the flow and spray pattern, then clean and balance the flow. All of this for $24 per injector! A bargain!

Since the dealer had my car apart for other work anyway, I had my injectors sent in for cleaning, and with a 24 hour turn around (actually they did same DAY turn around) the total bill was $172.25 with shipping. Here's what they did:

You can see that many of the injectors now flow 10-12 CC/MIN more than they did. That's significant, and let me tell you that the throttle response and overall feeling of power went up noticeably. After my last session at the track, I can say without a doubt that the acceleration and "crispness" of the throttle were much better than before.

This is a "no brainer" mod for those with older cars, as they can probably benefit the most from the cleaning.

If you want to do the install yourself, do it the Danoland way!