NSX Mods by the Dozen!

Before you do ANYTHING, go get a copy of the NSX Service Manual. I picked up the 1992 version for $86.90 [shipped] from Helm, Inc. 800-782-4356. It covers every possible thing you'll need to know about working on your car EXCEPT for the wiring diagram of the SRS Main Connector under the steering column, but I figured that out and will tell you.

RM Stainless Headers
NEW! EXP4 Gas and Oil Additives
RM Stainless Oval Tip Exhaust
NEW! Optima 34R Battery
RM Carbon Fiber Cold Air intake
NEW! AutoVation Race Pedals
RM N2O System
RM Clutch
Comptech Strut Tower Bar
RM Fiberglass Race Hood
RM Billet Oil Fill Cap
Zanardi Floor Mats
RM Front Chin Spoiler
Red Line Engine/Trans Fluids
Dali Super Chip ECU
RC Engineering Injector Clean & Calibrate
Dali Street Sway Bars
NSX/R 4.235 Ring & Pinion
Dali FeatherLite Flywheel
Dali Break Air Deflectors
Volk CE28N 17/18 Wheels
Dali Stainless Brake Lines
Factory 1991 15/16 wheels
Dali Smartenna
Fittipaldi 15/16 Interlagos wheels
UPDATED! Dali Valentine 1 Mount
Dali Stone'd Radiator Shield
Mugen Blinker Lens Covers
Dali Fire Extinguisher Mount and Halon Bottle
Jamex Seats w/Custom Aluminum Seat Mounts
DIY Wire Mesh Side Ducts
Brake Upgrade - AeroRotors
Remote Oil Filter, Oil Cooler & Gauges
Castrol SRF Brake Fluid
UPDATED! Bell Sport II Helmet
G-Force G1 Nomex Driving Gloves
Momo Corse Model 80 Steering Wheel
Momo 4916 Hub Adapter
Hot Lap Small Display, Double Range Timing System
Momo 4-Point Harnesses
Hague Video Camera Mount & Canon ZR-50 DV Camera
NEW! Acura Front Emblem
Jaz Coolant Overflow Bottle

Fast Facts

The Red Car weighs in at 2904lbs (3069lbs stock) with exactly 1/2 tank of gas indicated, fresh 10# NOS bottle (24lbs), Valentine 1, floor mats, complete NSX tool kit in place and the owners manual in the glove box. With me in the car, it tips the scales at 3133lbs (I'm 6’4” and weigh 229lbs with clothes) and has the following distribution: 1271lbs front, 1861lbs rear (40.6% front, 59.4% rear) and 1610lbs left side, 1522lbs right (51.4% left, 48.6% right).

The following were removed: factory seats, engine cover, spare tire, steering wheel, seat belts, air intake system and front brake splash guards. All of the completed mods either replace or add new products to the car, and the weight savings are quite good for not really trying.

Where did all of this get me? Well the DynoJet numbers are 259.3hp @ 7500rpm and 196.8fp torque without NOS, 315.2hp @ 7200rpm and 253.7fp torque with it. What this means is a car that was originally rated at 270hp at the crank is now around 380hp. A good days work if you ask me.

I'll post 0-60mph and 1/4 mile times after testing with the G-Tech, but it accelerates significantly faster than it did when stock. Remember the gearing and the weight of the car aren't reflected on the dyno, only on the street!

Future Mods

Will the NSX soon be powered by atomic energy? Will stealth technology and stolen Alien night vision systems render it ticket-proof? Visit the Future Mods area with my wish list of items to add and see! All it takes is cash and CIA clearance!

Garage Mods

Garage Mods: Where do you park your NSX? The Red Car and I are sick of having the same old garage, so we need a new place to park and work! Come see what we are up to. This area is under construction-just like the garage...

Dealer Installed: I had Buerkle Acura install the RM headers, exhaust, NSX/R ring & pinion, Dali flywheel, new RM clutch, stainless brake lines, flushed brake and cooling systems, oil change, valve clearance check, spark plugs and trany fluid in March of 2001. The total jing was $3274, and I supplied the parts and fluids! Everything turned out mint after they got the clutch right. They were all great mods as they add so much to the “fun factor” and performance of the car. I was expecting around $2500 though. Figures!

I may rip on the dealer from time to time, but those guys have been there for me more than once, and are always right on the nuts when it comes to mod suggestions. Without good people the dealer is useless. Mine has good people.